Credit Report search page allows searching for subjects in the Credit Report database and subsequently ordering a Credit Report

Start by select a country from the Country drop-down.

Available search criteria are shown upon selecting the country. Two types of search are available: search by company name (or a part of it) and search by company number. The company number search is not available for certain countries.

You can search by entering a company name and/or company number where available

After filling search criteria in, click on the Submit button. At least one search criterion should be filled in, otherwise an error message will be shown.

Types of Credit Reports:

-  Credit Report Online – standard online Credit Report, delivered from the database upon purchasing
-   Credit Report On-Demand - if standard Credit Report is too old or in case if subject was not found, you can order an On-Demand Credit Report, which means a new investigation will be carried on subject data and a new Credit Report will be created following your purchase; On-Demand Credit Reports have a (default) processing time of 10 days
-  Credit Report On-Demand Fast – same as Credit Report On-Demand except that Express Delivery is required; Express Delivery On-Demand Credit Reports have a (default) processing time of 5 days

Select the desired Credit Reports from the result set by ticking the boxes on the right-hand side. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add to Cart button to add the selected Credit Reports to your shopping cart. To make the purchase, go to checkout page click on the Checkout button and follow instructions.

If no results are found in the online database you can still request an on-demand credit report using the Credit Report Request form.