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Access to the Kyckr portal is no longer available via this platform.

Please go to https://app.kyckr.com/ to sign up / login.

Please note, your existing login credentials will not work on the new portal. Set up a new account, if you have not received a reactivation email from us.

For balance transfers, please contact Kyckr at support@kyckr.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kyckr company search portal?

Kyckr company search portal is an internet portal that has connected over 150 business registries to provide a service for people to search for official reports on companies and individuals in those countries. The information is retrieved directly from the national register and provided to the desktop of the user.

How do I use Kyckr to find information on a company?

To search for information on a company or individual on the Kyckr company saerch portal you must first register your details. You can then enter the secure search facility and search on the company or individual in the registry of your choice. Once you have found the target of your search you will need to purchase credits, using your credit card, in order to purchase and download official reports on your search target

What is the expected delivery time?

The delivery time for most documents is listed opposite the document. Delays to the expected times can be dependent on:

  • The registry response, which can vary.
  • The registry opening hours.
  • Registry own delivery times.
Please refer to the (?) icon beside the document delivery time for additional information.

What information can I find if I use Kyckr?

You will be able to find official company reports on companies registered in a certain country. To be sure the report you require is available for purchase and download please check the Kyckr pricelist.

Is the information in every country the same?

Unfortunately as each country manages and controls its own affairs there is not a standard suite of documents available for every country. Some countries provide more information, some less. There are constant improvements being made to the quality, quantity and availability of the information. To find out exactly what each country provides please review the pricelist

Is the information I buy from Kyckr always in English?

No. Each country provides the information in its national language. For example all French company documents are based in the French language.

Does Kyckr store company information in its own databases?

Kyckr does not store any information at all except for customer registration details. All corporate information is retrieved directly from the national corporate register in real-time and passed on to the customer. The information is warranted by the European Business Register to be official as of the date and time it was downloaded.

Why can’t I find the company I am looking for?

There are a number of reasons that you might not be able to find the company you are looking for. If the company is not registered in the country you are searching in, it will not appear in the search results. Subtle spelling changes, or order of words used, in the company name can make it appear as if a company does not exist. Try shortening your search term and try searching again. Also, please review the search guidance notes for each country. As each country employs subtle differences to the search algorithms, performing one type of search in one country might produce a different result in another.

What countries does Kyckr connect to?

Currently Kyckr is connected to over 150 business registries globally. View our coverage map to view all countries currently covered by the Kyckr global company registry network.

How can I reduce the price I pay?

For corporate clients, or individuals registered for V.A.T. we recommend that you register your V.A.T. number with us at the time of registration. Depending on your country of residence and the V.A.T. rules governing sales to that country, it may possible to reduce the rate of V.A.T. applicable to the sale.

How do I add credit to my account?

The process to add credit to your account is straightforward. Using your VISA or MASTERCARD credit card just click on the TOP-UP link and follow the instructions. Kyckr uses reputable credit card payment processors and all transaction details are encrypted. Please note that Kyckr does not store your credit card details anywhere. Once the transaction has been completed any record of the card details that may have been on our system is deleted.

Does my credit expire?

Your credit will remain valid up to twelve months after your last transaction on the Kyckr site. You will receive a reminder that your credit is due to expire 30 days prior to its expiry.

Are there any hidden charges or fees?

With Kyckr there are absolutely no hidden fees. We do not charge a sign-up nor do we charge an annual administration fee. Therefore you only pay for results.

Why can’t I login to Kyckr?

Kyckr operates a number of similar websites depending on the geographic location across the world. Each website is unique so you must login to the website that you initially registered with. Occasionally, updates to the websites happen which may invalidate bookmarks that users may have saved. We recommend updating bookmarks periodically.

I am getting an error while using the site. What should I do?

Occasionally, errors do occur while retrieving information from a registry. Please contact us by email using the relevant link detailed when you receive the error notification. We will respond as quickly as we can and help resolve the problem.

I have a question I want to ask, how do I do that?

Please contact us by email at the email address detailed in the CONTACTS link at the bottom of this page.

What support does Kyckr provide to users?

Kyckr provides email support for users who may experience problems using the site.

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