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Global Business Register, a leading provider of official company information and verified identity solutions are delighted to announce a new technology partner: Owjo, the portable store.

Waterford, Ireland, 19th September 2011
Global Business Register (GBR) is today delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new partnership with Owjo, the portable online store for Facebook and the Web. This new partnership will enable GBR to add commerce capabilities to its Trust Passport™ – an Owjo store can now be embedded into the passport where the identity of the store owner has been fully vetted and verified to internationally accepted trust standards.

Owjo's online store is already delivering an improved shopping experience for all web users. Now GBR believes this partnership will introduce a new, easier and safer approach to purchasing goods online by providing further validation of any store owner who sells through this new channel. The partnership will avail of GBR’s innovative Trust Passport™ technology. Trust Passport™ is a leading online identity solution which provides instant verification of the ownership of websites and displays the results in an easy to understand format that everyone understands. The Trust Passport™ informs consumers that a website is genuine and can be trusted thereby promoting trust online and enhancing the reputation of the website owner.

Global Business Register and Owjo, through this partnership, have created an environment which will offer consumers further peace of mind and allow them to concentrate solely on purchasing their desired products via the embedded OWJO store running inside a Trust Passport™.

Commenting on this partnership, GBR’s CEO Ben Cronin said “creating innovative partnerships with dynamic companies such as Owjo add increased value to our Trust Passport™ product. We are happy to hear from any other companies who feel they too could add a feature to our Passport product”.

About Owjo

Owjo is a fully-functioning commerce platform which can be located directly wherever the user has an online presence, allowing the consumer to purchase products without being sent to a third party website. Owjo also handles all details involved in the sales process; from credit/debit card acceptance and capturing email addresses, to keeping track of orders waiting to be shipped and completed orders already sent. This breakthrough will bring much more than convenience to consumers: it will also bring enhanced peace of mind and vendor reputation.

About Global Business Register

Global Business Register Ltd is a leading on-line provider of official live Company Information and verified identity solutions for companies and individuals. GBR provides direct access to live company information; sourced electronically through the official Company Registration offices in 26 European Countries and over 40 US Corporate State Registers. GBR is the most reliable source for checking the legal and financial status of potential customers, suppliers and partners. The information is delivered, time and date stamped, in real-time to your desktop. Using this data to solve emerging business problems, GBR have developed a range of online identity products which provide instant access to a wide assortment of verified data.

For more information go to the Trust Passport website - http://www.trustpassport.com/.

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