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TrustiD™ Taxi, the new smart phone app by Global Business Register was today one of the new proposed measures included in a report released by the Department of Transport Taxi Review.

Waterford, Ireland, 31st January 2012
Global Business Register (GBR) is today delighted to announce that our TrustiD™ Taxi smart phone app was included in a detailed report release by the Department of Transport Taxi review which included many new proposals for the taxi industry.

TrustiD™ Taxi is an innovative new application which allows you to confirm that your taxi is regulated and legitimate by simply scanning a QR code on the back of the taxi with your smartphone.

The method to identify the taxi driver and car is quick and easy to use for a member of the public; only requiring them to have a smart phone. Each taxi driver will place a QR code just above the door handle on both rear door windows making it accessible for the user to scan the code from the footpath. There will also be QR codes placed on the inside the vehicle on the back of the front seat and on the dashboard for passengers in the vehicle.

Each QR code will be unique for the public service vehicle and will not be able to be replicated as it will link directly to the databases of the Taxi Regulation Directorate in the National Transport Authority.

A user must download the TrustiD™ Taxi app from their App store or Android Market Place. Once they have this app they can then scan the QR Code located on either the inside or outside of the taxi. They will then receive the verified identity of the licensed taxi driver and vehicle back to their phone. The user can now look at the vehicle and driver and see if they both match. If they match, they can feel safe that they are getting into a fully licensed and compliant vehicle with a fully licensed and compliant driver. If they don’t match they can decide not to get in and report the mismatch as appropriate.

The report also outlined more than 40 proposed changes to the way the taxi industry is regulated and licensed including our TrustiD™ Taxi smartphone app. Other changes include requiring all taxis to accept credit cards and allow the use of the Leap public transport card.

From Report: Action 12:

“To include on the tamper proof licence disc affixed to the windscreen and rear screen of each licensed vehicle, a QR code (Quick Reaction barcode) containing core licensing information that will make fraudulent copying more difficult. It will also facilitate automatic access by enforcement personnel to licensing data through the scanning of the barcode and will be readable by a smartphone application (both inside and outside the vehicle) that will allow customers to verify driver and vehicle licence information.”

The full report is available at www.rte.ie/news/2012/0131/taxi.pdf

For more information on TrustiD™ Taxi go to - www.trustidtaxi.com.

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