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Access to the Kyckr portal is no longer available via this platform.

Please go to https://app.kyckr.com/ to sign up / login.

Please note, your existing login credentials will not work on the new portal. Set up a new account, if you have not received a reactivation email from us.

For balance transfers, please contact Kyckr at support@kyckr.com

Overview of our Products - Check them out

Kyckr Portal

The Kyckr portal is a web portal that provides you with a single, direct, electronic access point to the National Companies Registers in countries around the world.

Kyckr API

Kyckr API allows the users of your site or application the ability to directly search and access the data stored in the National Companies Registers connected to the Kyckr portal.

Kyckr Verify

Kyckr Verify is an automated authorisation and consent service which allows you to verify that an important transaction has been properly authorised by an authorised person or group of people.

Kyckr Validate

Kyckr Validate is an automated vetting engine for the validation of corporate identity which can be used in many areas such as the issuance of SSL certificates and financial compliance for Know Your Customer and Anti-money Laundering checks.

Trust Passport

Trust Passport is an electronic corporate passport that allows a visitor to your website to confirm in a couple of seconds who you are and links your real identity to your virtual identity in real time, thus allowing your company to stand-out from the crowd.

Kyckr SmartLogo

Kyckr SmartLogo is an intelligent management tool that allows the owner of an accreditation logo or mark to retain ownership and control of their logo even when the logo is displayed on third party websites.

Kyckr Intelligence

Kyckr Intelligence is a tool that extracts sentiment from web and social media data on the web. It can be tuned to focus on a particular area such as financial risk in order to alert you immediately to potential problems that could put your business at risk.

Kyckr Authenticate

Kyckr Authenticate is an innovative new way of keeping your customer records current, always, with official government data in a fast and efficient way using Kyckr’s API.

VAT Validate

VAT Validate allows you to confirm that a VAT number is valid and registered to whom you think it should be registered to. It relies on data provided by the European Commission which is sourced from the tax authorities across Europe.

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