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Kyckr Limted Logo

Kyckr SmartLogo is an intelligent management tool that allows the owner of an accreditation logo or mark to retain ownership and control of their logo even when the logo is displayed on third party websites. It is a “must have” tool for brand owners who wish to retain control of an accredited image or logo that has significant reputational value attached to it.

How does it work?

This customized management tool allows you to place and control accredited images on each of your customer’s or member’s websites and pages. Since the logo is smart, it may be custom styled to deliver specific marketing messages to align with the brand across all third party websites that display your accredited image. Through your control panel, you can tailor pages in your Kyckr SmartLogo and have that content immediately be available to display on websites displaying your accreditation. This gives you the ability to communicate directly with your customer’s customers without them leaving your customer’s website.

How it works

Smart Logo Working

Key Benefits:

  • Control and administer the use of your accreditation, logo and brand on third party websites.
  • Ability to regulate and switch on/off your accreditation image on each site through the GBR SmartLogo control panel.
  • Digitally Signed PDF Certificates can be downloaded by any user to prevent unauthorised use and copying and to show your company as a genuine owner of a certification.
  • Guarantees the integrity of your brand, certification and logo.
  • Use as an effective communication, marketing and PR tool.
  • Finally have the ability to reach and communication with your customers’ customers.
  • Reduce reputational risk and ensure brand and policy compliance.
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