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Time consuming and manual compliance processes to ensure customer data is correct can now become a thing of the past with Kyckr Validate. We have developed an automated vetting engine for the validation of corporate identity which can be used in many areas such as the issuance of SSL certificates and financial compliance for Know Your Customer and Anti-money Laundering checks.

How does it work?

When a customer begins the customer registration process on your website, a live search request is sent directly to the official company registry. Potential matches are returned in a list from which the customer then selects the one relevant to their company.  Once the company has been correctly identified all the required information and documents for the compliance process can be automatically retrieved and stored in the customer’s record for further processing later. The information that is retrieved from the register can be custom configured via a control panel to return only the documents and information required, such as the Company’s  Incorporation Documents or last Annual Return,  and stored in the control panel for compliance team to view. This allows companies to automatically validate company information and to speed up the process of on-boarding new customers.

How it works

Kyckr Validate Working

Key Benefits:

  • Automatically validate company information. For example; Name, Vat number and Address.
  • Avoid misspelled or incorrectly entered account information.
  • Significantly speed up the process for online account registration and approval.
  • Reduce time and costs used during the customer compliance process.
  • Verify/ Vet information for know your Due Diligence, Know-Your-Customer, Anti-Money Laundering and Online Fraud Prevention processes.
  • Option to provide an additional benefit to customers looking to validate who they are doing business with.
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